Awakening The Goddess- The VOLO Mission

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There are few things as powerful as a woman whose flame burns bright. The female form on its own is a marvel, and combined with the confidence of a goddess it is sheer magic to witness. We at VOLO believe that it is so important to cultivate a following that embraces and encourages all women to awaken the goddess that lies within them.

Everyone’s power is different.

You may have an affinity towards water or the sky and feel invincible when surrounded by these elements. Others feel stronger in the quiet of their bedroom, weaving their hair and basking in the evening light.

It is so important to embrace all the beautiful things you are and continue to explore them.

I have always felt there is something special and magical that lies in my bones. I thrive on magic and deep connections with the energy around me.

I feel like a true goddess. Some of you may feel that is simply the ego of a Leo shouting from the mountain; I assure you it comes from a much deeper place. I feel connection with powerful and fearless women, whether they be fictional or historical heroes. They inspire me to emulate the goddess I know I am.

I love hearing how enamored people are with me, and I am not ashamed of that. I always tell my sisters of the moon to absolutely own how incredible they are. Often times we need the eyes of others to see how truly magical we can be.

The harmony that naturally exists between the shape of a woman and the curves of the earth is something that I have always found mystifying. At VOLO our brilliant photographers work in tandem with nature to bring out the goddess in everyone. We encourage our models to invoke their power in every setting, showing that all women, every goddess can thrive.

Surround yourself with people who inspire and are inspired by you. Never hide if you begin to doubt yourself.

I am constantly striving to expand who I am and in turn, help my fellow goddess on her journey.

I am The Magdala.


I would love to hear your stories and your path on becoming the goddess you are.

Write to me at and let us discover our depths together.