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Arune Villiers

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Arune Villiers

About Arune Villiers

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Arune Villiers was born in Lithuania but grew up in South Africa after her family relocated there when she was 9 years old.

A creative force from a young age, she excelled in the arts in every field from theater, to painting, sculpture and writing.

She led her first solo art exhibit at the age of 13 and has always pushed the boundaries of where the line of separation lies between fine art and street art.

In her teens Arunè began her modeling career which took her to many travels around the world and graced numerous campaigns and magazines as well as furthered her work in the acting industry with a win of Best Actress at the New York International Film Festival as well as numerous guest roles on TV shows like Chuck and Two & Half Men.

Currently Arunè still pursues her model and acting career but mainly her time is consumed painting large oil abstract pieces as well as working on her memoir that includes experiences from the child’s point of you that compare Lithuania and it’s fight to independence from the Soviet Union as well as South Africa after the apartheid.

Find her work on WWW.ARUNEK.COM