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Armelle Kerine (Marcus)

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Armelle Kerine

About Armelle Kerine

“Hi VOLO Readers!

 I am Marcus, a 35 year old french photographer living in Martinique (French West Indies).  I am the photographer behind  Armelle Kerine Photography (http://armellekerine.com).

I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty and sensuality of the female body. It reminds me of purity, sensitivity, vulnerability, timelessness and eroticism. But practicing this activity is not very obvious and easy, where I come from. I live on a small island where most people do not have that artistic and aesthetic approach to the representation of a naked body, nudity is (especially) rather seen as something unhealthy.

The women I had the opportunity to photograph are women who had the courage to defy the prejudices. Most of them gave me the confidence that posing nude bring them well-being and fulfillment, as well as the great self-satisfaction (shared with the photographer, ultimately) at the sight of the result.

At the beginning, my inspiration was Uwe Ommer, through his book “Black Ladies” that I keep preciously in my library. Where i live, about 85% of the population is black and mestis. That is the reason why most of the pictures i take depict black women. Of course, I refuse to limit myself to ethnicity. I regularly photograph women of all types, as I travel a lot.

Today, when I shoot all the inspiration comes on-the-fly, in close complicity with the model and in harmony with the surrounding environment at the moment of the photo shoot.

I especially love the natural pictures, taken with available light.”

Find his work at http://armellekerine.com

Find him on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/armellekerinephoto

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‘Girlfriends’ by Armelle Kerine with Ayla and Jessica