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Anne Duffy

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Anne Duffy

About Anne Duffy

“Hello VOLO Readers!

Anne Duffy started her career, modelling art nude, working with local artists and photographers. She expanded her horizons and over the past 17 years has collaborated, as creative muse, with many prestigious artists and photographers, around the globe.

“The world Is such a beautiful and inspiring place, it’s difficult to sit still when there is so much out there to create and discover.”

While loving world travel, she always returns to her home country, Australia. “I’m in awe of this country with its glorious scenery and vast beauty. The environment is so varied across the continent and it has so much to offer aesthetically and energetically.”

In addition to modelling, Anne’s passion for art extends to illustration, photography and other creative endeavours which she hopes to focus on more, in the future.

“I got distracted by modelling but with it found passion and interest enough to satisfy my creative desire. I hope to put more time and energy into my other artistic ventures soon. Maybe, I’ll even incorporate them into my modelling, somehow.”

Find her on Instagram @ANNEDUFFY_MODEL

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