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Ali Haas

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Ali Haas

About Ali Haas

“Hi VOLO Readers!

I am Ali Haas,as a creature of flame, I crave adventure, passion and whimsy in all things! I believe in magic and conversing with trees and shadows.

Growing up in Colorado I developed a respect and admiration for nature and love reconnecting with all manner of critters.I have been an actor, singer and model for most of my life and love performing more than anything in the world! I am currently residing in Oakland California.

There are so many opportunities to collaborate with incredible artists and create wonderful pieces of work that express raw stories and pure emotion. My rock band Suits of Steel plays all over the Bay Area.

It gives me a chance to perform with my close friends and go absolutely wild on stage.”

Find her work on  themagdala.com  

Find Her on Instagram @the.magdala

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