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Alexander Prischepov

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Alexander Prischepov

About Alexander Prischepov

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Alexander Prischepov is a professional fashion photographer, teacher and member of WPO (World Photography Organization).

He is engaged in more than 10 years in the Sony World Photography Awards, which today is widely recognized as the world’s leading premium photography award.

Alexander started with film photography and later switched to digital format and video. In addition to the daily shootings and workshops in FASHION genre be also shoots Fashion Nudes and Portraits etc.

He has been working with famous designers, magazines and brands like Gleb Vinokurov, Diana Pavlovskaya, Catherine Korostelyova, CATALINA brands, Gazprombank, Men’s Health magazine, and others.

Alexander is an official photographer and videographer of World Festival of Argentine Tango. He is the personal photographer of stars of Argentine Tango.

Four years ago, Alexander launched PRISCHEPOV.TV project channel dedicated to the art of tango. Today this channel is known all over the world and its registering about 10,000 page views per day.”

Find his work at prischepov.ru 

Find him on Instagram @prischepov

Galleries and Videos by this photographer

At the Bar by Alexander Prischepov

At the Bar by Alexander Prischepov