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Alexander Hufenbach

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Alexander Hufenbach

About Alexander Hufenbach

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Born in 1976 freelance photographer Alexander Hufenbach is a self taught and passionate artist. Located in Dortmund, Germany, his career as a professional photographer started in 2007 and since then he’s living his dream and passion through pictures.

For him photography isn’t about technique or perfect skills, it’s about being able to catch the perfct moment of time, that blink of an eye where the mgic happens and capture it in pictures.

Beauty is much more than a perfect body or the most beautiful face…he defines it with expression. His way to portray nude in an artful way is to connect with the person in front of his lens.

To show the essence of the person (model) he always tries to create an image, that is filled with remembrance of THAT special moment.

Alexanders pictures are filled with soul, his model aren’t displayed as objects without clothes, they’re shown as proud and strong women with a confident way of eroticism.

His style is not to have a style, to stay free in his creative process and never get bored by his own work, that’s why his pictures are so captivating…”

Find his work at  www.alexander-hufenbach.com

Find him on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Alexander.Hufenbach.Photography