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Ahmed Sirry

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Ahmed Sirry

About Ahmed Sirry

“Hi VOLO Readers!

Ahmed Sirry specializes in portraits and themes of the erotic.He lives in Torronto, Canada. 

“The “Naked Instruments” series was conceived quite accidentally. It was while I was gathering props for a whimsical assignment that I thought that a bugle would be a finishing touch. So my search began and as it tuned out, I was told that bugles were no longer manufactured.

While at my local musical rental shop, I scanned my surroundings and was immediately seduced by the various shapes, textures, colors and sizes made of metal and wood.

So instead of a bugle, I acquired a trumpet that led to a saxophone that gave way to a clarinet, and so on. Models were chosen for specific instruments and each gave emotion, fluidity, and harmony in the resulting images.”

Find his work at  www.ahmedsirryphoto.com

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