Please read this page in detail before you email us with your submission request.
(If you’re a model who is interested in being featured in VOLO, please visit the Model For VOLO page!!)


  1. Incredible Editorials from a photographer who has produced work that is undeniably VOLO. Please follow the submission guidelines in the next section to get started on the path of getting your work published in VOLO.
  2. FEATURED Photographers whose work is very well known and their name is synonymous to quality in the world of NUDE ART photography. We showcase a variety of their work in their first feature showing off the range of skills and artistic thought they possess. Once you are featured at least TWO single model sets of yours will appear (over the course of a year).
  3. VOLO AUTHORIZED Photographers are photographers who have earned the RIGHT to be featured in VOLO on a regular basis. These are photographers who have been appointed as Authorized VOLO photographers (in their area) .  These photographers get compensated for shoots and expenses for the pictures/videos they shoot exclusively for VOLO on a case by case basis.



VOLO Magazine is the Worlds #1 Ranked publication for men (and women) of liberal beliefs, a taste for NUDE art and for those who love to live on the edge. We feature editorials and pictorial stories. VOLO publishes editorials and showcases photographers who know how to elicit a sense of awe and tell a story with their images. We are looking for THINKING photographers, not guys with camera’s. Look at previous issues of the magazine before you decide to submit something to VOLO. If you want to be featured in VOLO, you should be an exceptional photographer or you should be ready to elevate your work to that level.


Please read in detail before submit to us

  1. All Models need to be 18 Years of Age or OLDER.  Every submission needs to be accompanied by VALID PHOTO ID scan of the models face, name and age for our records.
  2. VOLO Publishes NUDE Art. Every VOLO submission needs to have the model be COMPLETELY NUDE in at least 80% of the pictures.
  3. Every submission needs to have a combination of pictures that show the model from both their FRONT  and BACK sides. DO NOT shoot 10 pictures of the model posing at the same place in the same angle and submit it to us!
  4. Photos must be previously unpublished in any and all media channels – that includes Flickr, ModelMayhem, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr ETC . The only exception is if you have published 1 or 2 pictures of a 15 picture set online, we will still consider that set as “unpublished”.
  5. Every set submitted needs to have a MINIMUM of 10 pictures that are connected in some way. It may be a single model that connects the pictures, or a story line involving multiple models.
  6. Every submission needs to consist of 300 DPI images. Minimum accepted resolution is 240 DPI for publication in the magazine.
  7. Submissions that also have a shoot video (behind the scenes or an edited shoot video) will receive priority on publication.
  8. Want to make money from our incredible traffic volume? Make sure you shoot and send us additional images/videos  (from VOLO submission sets or other independent shoots) which can be sold as XXPANDED Content on on a Pay Per Download. All revenue generated from sales of picture sets/videos on are shared with the photographers on a 50-50 revenue sharing basis.



  1. Please submit each set as a ZIP file properly titled YOUR NAME- MODEL’S NAME
  2.  Please attach a signed copy of the content release document here: VOLO CONTENT RELEASE AGREEMENT
  3. Attach scanned copies of the Age Proof (ID or Passport) of each nude model depicted in the pictures.
  4. Send a 250 to 300 word BIO/Story about you and your photography along with links to your social media.
  5. Send a 150-200 word BIO/Story about the  model (in the case of a single model set) along with links to her social media.
  6. In the case the submission was created with a team, it must be accompanied by credits: models, photographer, stylist, makeup artist etc…

As a VOLO contributor, you will have full access to all issues of VOLO Magazine free of charge and your profile will be showcased on our website  under the photographers section. We will push your work on our social media platforms.